What is data literacy?

Are your staff allergic to data, even weather graphs?


At the foundation of data literacy lies raw data – the unprocessed, unrefined bits of information. It's the numbers, figures, and facts collected from various sources. However, data alone lacks context and meaning. Think of it as scattered puzzle pieces waiting to be assembled.


Moving up the pyramid, we encounter information. Here, data begins to take shape and form patterns. Through organization, categorization, and contextualization, data transforms into meaningful information. It's the structured data that starts to provide answers to basic questions. Imagine putting those scattered puzzle pieces together to reveal a clearer picture.


Ascending further, we reach knowledge. This level signifies a deeper understanding derived from information. Knowledge involves interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of information to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. It's about grasping the implications, understanding the relationships, and recognizing the significance behind the data and information presented. Picture yourself not only seeing the completed puzzle but understanding the story it tells.


At the pinnacle of the data literacy pyramid sits insight. Here, knowledge transcends mere understanding to yield valuable insights. Insights involve the ability to extract meaningful and actionable information from knowledge. It's about leveraging data-driven conclusions to drive innovation, solve problems, and make strategic decisions. With insight, you're not just looking at the puzzle; you're envisioning new possibilities and shaping the future based on your understanding.

Put the pieces together!

In our data-driven world, mastering each level of the data literacy pyramid is essential for individuals and organizations to navigate complexity, uncover opportunities, and drive meaningful change. Whether you're just beginning your journey or seeking to enhance your existing skills, understanding the progression from data to insight is key to unlocking the full potential of data literacy.

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