The Data Guy

An educator first, The Data Guy second.

"Data made useful is information. Information made useful is insight"

There is a story to be told...

Educational leaders don't always have the time to pour over the data or even enough time to think of the best questions that need answered. Our plates are often overflowing with compliance, behaviors, community & family engagement, and, not to mention the main purpose of a school, education! We extract the information from the data stores and palpably delivers them with narrative and baseline evidence with a manipulative data visualization report so that you can make informed decisions and communicate needs effectively. 

Or, Analysis on Demand.  The bread and butter of DataXS.

Manipulable, customized reports tailored to your needs for staff, school boards, self.

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Make informed decisions and develop organizational data literacy by getting yourself and others excited about all the information that can be gleaned.

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We also provide ease of access enhancements to give staff a dependable, digital, tool for whatever!

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